April 23 - Aaron Leading
 Aaron piano, singing; Jeff drums, Dan bass; Kade acoustic guitar; Caleb ukelele; 
Dan - sound                      Bill - power point

April 30 - Jacob/Chris Leading
Jacob singing; 
sound:   Tom                  power point: 

May 7 - Aaron Leading
Aaron piano, singing; Jeff drums; Kade acoustic; Caleb ukelele; Dan bass
Tom - sound             Samuel - power point

May 14 - Odie/Chris Leading

          Tom      sound              -  power point 

May 21 - Aaron Leading

  Corey - sound           Samuel - power point 

May 28 - Jacob Leading

- sound                - power point

If you are unable to participate on any of the listed weeks, or if something comes up, please call or text your group leader so they can make other arrangements as soon as possible.

Aaron: 805-471-2212
Jacob: 805-400-8669
Chris: 831-247-7172
Phil: 805-440-6064
Odie: 805-296-0516

​​Worship Team arrive at 7:10am
Sound Volunteer arrive at 7:00am
Power Point Volunteer arrive at  8:50am