Vintage Community was started in 2008 by a handful of pastors who felt a strong desire to be a part of building a place for refugees. It was a simple place for folks with scars in their religious past. A place where it was safe to ask inconvenient questions, use their gifts, or just sit and heal. 
Not much has changed since then. Vintage is still just a place where folks are trying to find out what it means to practically trust God's great gospel story in their every day lives, and learn to live with each other honestly.
You don't have to be messed up to be a part of the Vintage family, but we are discovering that messed up is a great place to start the journey.
Our style is simple and ecclectic. We open the Scriptures together, spend time in prayer, and remember Jesus through communion. Various individuals lead in times of music with songs and styles that touch their heart. In other words, you never quite know what you'll be walking into.
Some folks wear ties and dresses, some wear flip-flops. We don't own a smoke machine and are not likely to be buying one (not that there's anything wrong with owning one if you love to bust out the laser light show in your house). 
We just try to come as we are, open to the next step of the journey God has laid out for each and every one of us. 


"I've never actually been to Vintage."
Barbara, Paso Robles
"Oh yeah, I've seen it from the freeway. It looks nice."
Sean, Templeton
"Vintage is definitely in my top 7 churches I would possibly go to. Maybe."
Bob, Atascadero
"I know Bob. He should probably go to Vintage."
Bob's Friend, Santa Margarita

"Vintage... I don't go there but I call when I have a problem."
Dean, Templeton
"Seriously. The church is in a triple-wide mobile home?"
Janice, Nantuket